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Which Facebook Ad Will Employers Like Best?

If you've already read about my success using Facebook ads in my job search, you know that the ad on the left, below, has generated a terrific amount of qualified leads and interest from top managers, employees with inside hiring knowledge--even C-levels. However, I've had some feedback indicating that it's in heavy circulation on the profiles of the same users and is becoming less and less effective. Overexposure to the same content may be leading to diminishing returns. I don't like diminishing returns. Starting today, I'm implementing an A/B test using the same targeting and budget ($10/day) to see if a fresh look, new headline and slightly altered copy will improve the flow and quality of inbound contacts. The ads below will appear with equal frequency.

  • Which do you think will perform better?
  • Why?
  • Share your prediction by leaving a comment below!

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