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What corporate blogs can learn from the world's best ads

The best ads don't feel like ads. They don't set off those "someone's trying to sell me something" alarm bells that grow more acute as we mature. They stand on their own, as distinct works that punctuate the worthlessness of the other messages we encounter daily. The best corporate blogs give to their readers before they request anything--even a click. They provide enough value, in whatever form, that readers won't lament the time they spent on them.

In both cases, we consumers are cognizant, at some level, of the fact that we're being marketed to.  But if it doesn't feel like it, we don't care. What we're taking in is well worth an increase in exposure to those "marketing rays" we normally try to dodge. And we even turn those rays on our friends without the slightest hesitation, because we know they'll enjoy it, too. That's good content.

In both cases, the consumer willfully suspends disbelief and gives you the stage. The following ads do the same.

They've got us thinking in the first few frames: What's being said about Russia? By pairing the familiar, traditional images of nested dolls with violence, we're led to question the notions we commonly have of the new, "free" Russia.

Lesson: The best corporate blogs offer a different take on popular themes.

This ad is about us. We are experiencing the drive from the most familiar of perspectives--our own. Naturally, we associate this pleasant, personal experience with Honda, the brand that delivered it to us.

Lesson: The best corporate blogs are about their readers.

Nike lives in the same world we do. It's not just telling us this and hoping we'll bite. It's showing us, by giving us something great and getting the hell out of the way. Nike understands that we'll associate their brand with what they give us, and they don't have to keep reminding us as if we owe them something.

Lesson: The best corporate blogs demonstrate a grasp of their readers' needs, desires and pain-points.

A story told through search terms? The ad has us thinking of Google in a new way, by showing us just how important something we do every day can be. We believe so much more readily when a relatable story is told.

Lesson: The best corporate blogs transform mundane detail and static copy into stories we understand.

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