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Update: What this blog will become

Despite the lack of new posts here—Jesus, it’s been more than a month!—I’m doing quite well, thank you very much. My writing cadence hasn’t actually slowed down, either. I've forced myself to prioritize, and the mental math looks like this:

  • I like when people read my writing
  • My employer benefits (inbound contacts, 3rd party coverage, etc.) when I post on their blog, and also when I guest post on 3rd party blogs
  • Tons of people read Bazaarblog and blogs like Convince and Convert, SME and MarketingProfs
  • This blog’s audience is far, far more…intimate
  • So, it makes more sense for me to write original content for other blogs

My words go farther elsewhere. As much as I like you, dear reader, you can still read my stuff on other blogs. Here’s how I’m going to make sure you see it: I’ll post links to it, and summaries, right here.

So this blog’s not dead yet. And I am very much alive. But this will become more of a curation of my writing around the web. Perhaps I'll post exclusive content when it just wouldn't fit elsewhere. You’re cool with that, right? Glad to hear it. Cheers!

Bonus! A few links to recent pieces I’ve written:

I'm incredibly grateful for my loyal readers, and all I'm asking is that they follow me a few clicks away now and then. If there's anything y'all need, ping away.

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