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Update: Book deal!

A lot has happened in my life since I started writing The Social Side Door. I married the love of my life. I visited the beautiful island nation of St. Maarten. I helped throw a successful conference, and buried myself in a million interesting projects at work.

And now I'm ridiculously happy to announce: I have a book deal. McGraw-Hill will be releasing The Social Side Door in Fall 2013. I'm excited to join the ranks of authors like Mack Collier, Guy Kawasaki, Ric Dragon, Mark Schaefer, and so many others I respect.

There are too many people to thank in this post, but I want to make sure to let my readers know that your support helped me get here. I'll still be posting excerpts from the book, but probably not as frequently.

Because I'm in no position to dole out writing advice this early in my career, I'll leave it to someone who inspires me:

And remember that whatever discipline you are in, whether you are a musician or a photographer, a fine artist or a cartoonist, a writer, a dancer, a designer, whatever you do you have one thing that's unique. You have the ability to make art.

-Neil Gaiman, from a keynote address to The University of the Arts,  May 17, 2012.


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