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A reader gets Facebook’s attention with a LinkedIn ad

There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your ideas put to use by other people.  Five-star book reviews are great, but they don’t give me quite the same thrill as seeing something like this: Jonathon Colman

Kevin is clearly using LinkedIn’s killer workplace targeting feature to deliver “reverse help wanted” ads to Facebook employees, and it’s working! Jonathon Colman is exactly the type of person Kevin should want to get in front of, too—he’s known as a thought leader both within Facebook and in the larger content strategy community.  I don’t know how many other people saw Kevin’s ad, but the fact that someone like Jonathon saw fit to share it to his 10,600 Twitter followers is evidence that the ad is benefitting from the social media’s most impressive dynamic, the network effect.

Thanks to Amanda Orson for catching Jonathon’s tweet and bringing it to my attention.

In a related update, it appears that Facebook has changed the rules of custom audiences so as to prohibit 1:1 ad targeting. Custom audiences must now be above a certain, undisclosed, size threshold to run. It was fun while it lasted.

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