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Announcing my new job

Olapic If you’re a reader of my blog who doesn’t know me personally and has no particular interest in my career, kindly forgive the following All About Me™ post. The insights you subscribed for are percolating, and you’ll have them soon. Until then, I invite you to browse the archives  or read some of the recent guest posts and interviews I’ve done (here, here, and here).  

My search for that perfect next career step is over. I’ll be building and leading Olapic’s marketing team as Director of Marketing, based out of New York. We have an incredible story to tell. Here’s how it starts:

Olapic is the missing link between customer photos, videos and the results brands care about. We make commerce visual.

My book begins with a memory that could not be more vivid as I type this:

I’ll never forget walking out of that mall, proud of myself for nailing the job interview at a cell phone kiosk. What’s more embarrassing than not getting that job—I didn’t even get a callback, and it stung—is the fact that I was so close to settling for it.

That was early 2010, just shy of four years ago. Only four years! If you could feel what I’m feeling now…you’d understand that no string of words can even nick the surface of it all. So this post will be short.

Likewise, the names of the people that helped me during this long, humbling job search are too numerous to mention, but I have to give special recognition to the following remarkably kind people:

Brant Barton, Brett Hurt, Lisa Pearson, Amy Hayes, Jeremiah Owyang, Andy Sernovitz, Stephen Tarleton, and Robert Gilbreath.

And to my new family at Olapic: Thanks for writing me into your story.


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