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Is your brand Haiku-able?

I'm fortunate to know some incredibly creative people that constantly raise the bar for me when it comes to social. Aaron Strout is one of them, and his Brand Haiku project's beauty lies in its simplicity--I guess that's because anything else wouldn't align with the spirit of Haiku! Here's his description of the project:

The goal is to write a haiku about a recent brand experience -- good or bad.

And here's my entry:

Buying two new suits

Zara, a word of mouth rec

Tailored service win

Here's where I'm supposed to link to the next blogger on the list, but I'm not on the list yet, so I get to link to Jay Baer at the top of the list (who already inspires me on a near-daily basis). And because he always goes above and beyond, Jay delivers a bonus Haiku for your Zen pleasure. In that spirit, I'll share a Haiku I had already written about the brand I work for:

Don't fear disruption

Bazaarvoice, a bullet train

You and I, the rails

Share your Brand Haiku and a link to it on your blog in the comments here and I'll be sure to link to you as well.

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