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How to use social media to get press coverage: An interview with Jaime Tardy

How to use social media to get press coverage Jaime Tardy has made a name for herself through the intelligent use of social media to attract the attention of the press. I saw her speak on the subject at Blogworld, and I knew she had more to say.

Do bloggers need to focus on SEO to be “findable” to members of the press?

I would say going after press is probably easier than being "findable", though if you are already using it as a strategy for your blog you should make sure to think about the press side of things.

Your first CNN appearance happened because of a guest post you wrote. How can people identify the blogs that reporters read to position themselves for similar opportunities?

Usually larger blogs are more likely to have members of the press. I never realized that some of the journalists I knew were reading these blogs until I went back and started to read the comments. Becoming more visible in general, like being on bigger blogs, will bring more opportunities your way.

When you interviewed David Heinemeier Hansson, founder of 37signals, he shared it on Twitter and sent a lot of people to your site, many of whom turned into subscribers. How do you recommend approaching busy people like David for an interview?

Just ask. I've asked a lot of very important people, and the vast majority have said yes. I specifically say that I can shorten the interview and work with their schedule. I also make sure to let them know how much I love their work, because it's much more than just an interview, I am a big fan of their work before I ask.

How can people use other social channels, like Twitter, to be more visible to the press?

You can start adding journalists to your feed. You can start to see what they talk about, and tweet about, and what they are looking for. That way if you do pitch to them you are more targeted. And you never know - one of them might see your site and love it.

So you've got interest from a reporter, and it looks like they’re going to include you in a story. What’s your most important next step?

If you have given them the story, you should ask when you can expect to see it. That's when you also what to see if there might be a link. Then you wait. Don't bug them, but after a reasonable amount of time (i.e., after it's supposed to be out) you can email them. Many times I found out articles came out because I looked at my Google analytics and saw traffic from it.

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