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Free idea: Whatever happened with that...

Maybe this will be a series. Maybe it won't. But I've got one metric ton of ideas to unload, and the bandwidth to pursue just a few with passion and tenacity. The last time I  shared an idea, some very smart people ran with it and I was beyond pleased. There's always the chance I'm the only one that thinks it's a good idea, but all it takes is one good idea to make incredible things happen. So shall we do it again?

 The need:

"Whatever happened with that [insert once- deafeningly-buzzy news story from a few weeks/months/years ago that has since been bumped out of the news cycle a million times over]? I wonder [how that turned out / what they discovered / if they ever caught him / where they are now / if they succeeded]?"

Recognize that thought? To answer a question like this, you google the few details you remember and what do you find? The original story, over and over. And then you give up, because you're wasting your time.

The idea:

A site dedicated to following up on once-popular news items. Crowdsourced and fueled by curiosity, it would become the go-to destination for such questions and their answers. Post links to news items you're trying to update, or take the initiative to post a wrap up. Dedicated editors (more feasible if monetized) create special features, follow-ups to the biggest stories of yesterday. This content will be irresistibly shareable, and the most interesting stories will generate viral loops that bring in fresh visitors continually, and so on.

If you like it:

Tell me how it could be better. Create a wish list of features in the comments. Experiment. Have at it, and keep me in the know!


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