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Cognitive surplus and a weekend of big ideas for official book hashtags


This is how collaborative ideation and innovation works in the age of cognitive surplus.

And then Aidan built an entire website based on the idea, which I think is the ultimate testimony to the speed of ideation, innovation and implementation that we see today. In his words:

I think this is a great idea and have set up the site http://bookhashtags.com to try and curate a set of “official” hashtags for books.

This should help people to find the hashtags people are recommending for use with a specific book.

The site stores tweets so unlike a Twitter search which only returns the last couple of days of tweets for a hashtag the site will provide a more persistent record of the conversations taking place around a book.

It’s hard to imagine a better response to an idea I sketched out in about an hour. At the risk of being reported for humble bragging, I’m extremely grateful to everyone who picked up the ball and started running with it. Let’s keep working on this together.


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