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I help companies turn data, ideas and relationships into reach and influence. 

Life level complete

New York was fantastic. I made it out with my spirit intact and my ambition in overdrive. Hell yeah!

I did what I wanted to do there, especially as far as my career goes. I built a marketing program from scratch at a thriving startup, Olapic. Then I had the opportunity to work for The Economist (my favorite publication) with GE on a program I’m proud of.  I spoke at fantastic events and moderated several enlightening discussions.

Now I’m back in Austin, the city where my career took flight. Finally, Lone Star served without irony.

I haven’t decided what to get into next, but I have a voracious appetite for conversations with prospective collaborators, clients (I’m currently consulting) and employers. Austin will remain my home base, but I’m very open to remote work and travel.

Here’s some background on my expertise and experience. Let’s connect and see what shakes out!


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